Spring holiday training plan


Don’t let the school holidays throw your exercise routine off track.

This simple training program will keep you moving as we head into the final term of 2019.

Your goal is a minimum of 3 exercise sessions each week which will include the following:

  1. Run/walk/swim/bike ride of 30 minutes including 5 x 1 minute “sprints”.

  2. A strength circuit (below).

  3. A HIIT session (below).

Now all you need is a friend to train with, some motivating music and you’re off.

Strength Circuit

Complete each exercise for the following repetitions:

Round 1 x 10 - Round 2 x 15 - Round 3 x 20

  1. Deep squats

  2. Lunge with upper body twist

  3. Push ups to side plank

  4. Sit ups with rotation

  5. High plank to low plank


Complete each exercise for 20 secs on with 10 secs rest, for 8 rounds: 1 round = 4 minutes.

  1. Wide Squat Jumps: With your feet wider than hip width, squat down and touch the ground then jump up, reaching for the sky.

  2. Squat Thrust: Put your hands on the floor, jump your feet out into high plank, jump your feet back in, then jump up to stand.

  3. Shoulder taps in high plank: Start in high plank postition. Tap your R hand to your L shoulder then L hand to your R shoulder. Try not to twist the hips.

  4. Lunge split jump: Start in a lunge stance with the R foot in front. Jump into the air, bringing your feet together then landing in a lunge position with the L foot in front.

  5. Bicycles: Lie on your back, hands by your head. Bring your R elbow to your L knee working on crunching the abdominals, then your L elbow to your R knee.

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

by Angie Black

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Hey! I’m Angie. I’m passionate about fitting exercise into your life, for the rest of your life.